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Iceland, a peek at the majesty of

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

7 day relaxed tour

Preface; everything in Iceland is expensive.

Just is.

We don’t look at travel costs and convert back to our dollar as it just takes away the fun...

Fly from Edmonton direct to Reykjavik with Icelandair

They have the most incredible service and meals!

Check out theses sliders... @hamborgarafabrikkan

(local Hamburger restaurant supplied, so good). Along with local delicacies; Skyre (amazing greek-style yogurt) and a Licorice-Chocolate bar!! You're sure to be an addict if you're anything like Dianne or myself.

Rent a car, we found Hertz to be really good service, price and is located right at the airport - if you sign up for a ‘Gold Card’ they may upgrade your ride as they did ours...

Blue Lagoon

We knew we would be exhausted and had yet to try the Blue Lagoon so upon arrival from Paris (yeah,we went to Paris for a week before getting back to Iceland) we went straight to our reservation (which you do need to make well in advance). Loved every second of it! It is huge! Well kept, so soothing, you can get spa treatments there and they offer different packages, some include a herbal masque and a drink or two I believe - it’s costly but worth it. We would go back in a heartbeat - unlike any hot springs we’ve ever seen. Enjoy your 2-3 hours there. Rub as much of the white mud on your face and bodies as you can, it’s incredible!

Staying our first night in Grindavik at a Mar Guesthouse which we wouldn’t really recommend but it was close to the blue lagoon and we did get in late.

Day 2

Headed West towards Grundarfjordur, where you’ll find these amazing waterfalls as well as cliffs, lighthouses if you’re looking and more beautiful scenery.

We then headed back towards Reykjavik to see the South, stopping along the way at Thingvellir National Park (one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones!)

Continued South, spending the night at Selfoss at Fosshotel, Hekla. It was really good, comfortable with good food.

Day 4

The next morning we went straight to the Black Sand Beach outside of Vik

It’s about a 45 minute walk from the parking lot to the Airplane wreck, not well marked but you’ll see the parking lot.

The rest are easy to see, big parking lots and signs. Lots to see in the area, we tend to try to stop at every ‘point of interest’ sign...

Reynisfjara Beach, the jaded stone wall that looks like a massive cave entrance on the black sand beach is infamous and rightfully so!

Here you might want to watch out, there seems to be some overly active Trolls playing in these rocks over the water - I'm almost certain that's what got my DJI Phantom4 Pro Drone that disappeared forever as I flew behind them...

We stayed in Vik, have both trips now, at the Icelandair Hotel. The best beds we’ve encountered in Iceland, sometime this feels as though it’s a challenge when traveling there.

I lost my drone here... it’s one of the risks you take as a drone pilot. I stand by my Troll theory.

Here’s the sunset (and the back-side view of the Troll rocks :) from the Icelandair Hotel...

Day 5

We went to my favorite two places in Iceland; FJ canyon and Jokulsarlon- glacier lagoon!

On to Höfn for night, spending it at Hotel Höfn which was actually really good. We managed to catch a bit of a northern light show here too!

Day 6

Back through to Skaftafell,

Ice cave tour! (Dianne's most anticipated portion of the trip)

Day 7

Making our way back...

Hitting all of the big waterfalls along the highway back towards Reykjavik

Stopped to check out one of the original houses in the area

We stopped for night at Hotel Eldestar, horse riding farm. It was good, not incredible

The following morning we hit the Elf and Ghost museum! It was very cool, not scary - but interesting and informative.

Then off to the airport only to be held off for another day due to stormy weather. This gave us the chance to stay in Reykjavik for night and do a bit of shopping. We stayed at the Icelandair Hotel again (it was out favorite hotel last time as well).

Of course we enjoyed a fabulous burger for lunch the following day @hamborgarafabrikkan before hitting the airport

There's a few things that you don't want to miss out on;

Lakkris - Licorice/Chocolate Bar!! Outstanding if you love Licorice

Local Fish & Chips Restaurants, this one in Reykjavik is simply fantastic! @reykjavikfish

Grocery Stores; they seem expensive but hold the greatest of local treats like this Licorice Ice Cream

or these Licorice Frozen treats

Did I mention Fish & Chips??

The Pizza rivals that of what we found in Italy! This was a restaurant in Vik called Sudur Vik - it was god enough that we remembered it from our last trip here and ate in this place twice - each trip...

Scenery everywhere, everchanging and so much to fall in love with. Allow yourself to fall in love with it, Iceland!

Iceland is FULL of sheep and there are many areas where they roam in fields without fences so you really want to be careful driving!

If you're lucky, you too will get to see Reindeer!

You can't go without checking out Geysir

Iceland is full of mystical beliefs. Please respect their heritage, belief systems and lands - they tie these beliefs to their land and their livelihood. It's fantastic to open your eyes to the possibility of Elves, Trolls and Fairies - I know that having been twice, I'm a passionate believer.

Did I forget to mention the beautiful Icelandic Horses??

If you've made it this far you should probably go straight to ICELANDAIR.COM and book your stop-over flight. They encourage you to stopover in Iceland for up to a week enroute to any of their destinations in Europe! This is how we've been twice, once on the way back from Barcelona and the other returning from Paris - you never know, you may even see posts from those two amazing cities over time...


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